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In true Darwinesque fashion I thought I’d include a few notes on how these cartoon series originally evolved...

lizard gecko cartoon


Inklings first sprung to life back in the mid 90’s, and was my first significant cartoon series. I liked the name ‘Inklings’ because it implied both ‘ideas’ and ‘ink creatures’, and this seemed to fit well with the cartoons themselves.

There’s a strong science and nature theme running through the series, but it’s really all about seeing anything from a different perspective.

photo adventure cartoon canal

Photo Adventures

Steve’s Photo Adventures came about by accident - literally - after my enthusiasm for mountain biking resulted in an Achilles tendon injury.

Somewhat despondent about being under doctor’s orders not to cycle or go running, I went for a gentle stroll along the Grand Union canal. I took my camera along with me, with a vague idea about trying to create the most boring Facebook album in the world - with such choice shots as the underside of the M25, some litter and maybe a dead fish or two.

As I walked along, I started snapping some of the sights and the story just seemed to evolve on its own. Since then, my Photo Adventures have taken me across the Chilterns and beyond...

photo adventure cartoon butterfly

Roger the Rock

The first Roger the Rock episode began over 25 years ago as an illustrated cartoon in a college magazine (see below).

However, whilst out shooting a Photo Adventure one sunny afternoon, I figured that it might be fun to recreate it as a photo cartoon. It was originally intended to be a one-off, but after thinking about just how dull life as a rock would be, I began to imagine what it would be like if Roger were actually able to live out his dreams.

rock cartoon 1

Luckily I managed to find Roger again after rummaging around the bottom of my coat pocket and the adventures began...

rock cartoon

Double Take

The idea for this cartoon series was originally sparked by a hotel in Tenerife that we used to pass as we made our way to our favourite restaurant (Taboos on Golf Del Sur). There were lots of large houseplants languishing in the sun along the balconies, and for some reason the houseplants looked like they could in fact have been the guests (don’t ask me why!).

The idea wouldn’t really have worked as a cartoon drawing, so I thought I’d start a series based on photographs instead...

hotel cartoon